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Not to be confused with Boyfriend from game Friday Night Funkin'.

Boyfriend, would be known as Prekrasnaya Lola (since March 2025), formerly Eggman Games, Tempest Gaming and Heavy Pilot (born August 31, 1999) - WNR and NROS maker. First NROS - ZombossOS History (in first channel), Heavy PilotOS History (in second channel), first WNR - Windows Eggman City History (in first channel), Windows Renaissance Age History. His in current time YouTube channel is active.



In 9 October 2017, Heavy Pilot (Eggman Games) created first part of ZombossOS History.

In December 2017, Heavy Pilot (Eggman Games) Fan Fiction is released and started Torch ZombieOS and SharpOS Historys and other historys.

In May 19, 2019, he renamed to Tempest Gaming.


In January 2020, old channel Tempest Gaming is archived, he it is located on the new channel Heavy Pilot since January 29, 2020.

Heavy PilotOS History (original and Update 1) is copy of GMM OS History (original and Update 2), which he managed to save these videos before GMMTM's channel was terminated in early August 2019.

In 31 July 2020 he started making packs of Arsen54800 as it was Andrey Nikolaev, he made ArtOS, VikkyOS, Heavy GunnerOS, Captain DeadbeardOS and other packs.

In November 2020 he started The Ultimate Windows History with Never Released Versions R2, TUWHwNRV R1 created 3 years ago was by SITWGOAT.

In 22 November he released Heavy Pilot Fan Fiction for Pilot Season, in 23 November for Season 1.01.


In January 2021 he made Мульт. Операционная система Набор, he ended Season 2.03 and he started Season 3.0 with WinSonar History, later in mid-January 2021 he created first parts of WinSonar History with Never Released Versions is copy of MinderiaYT's WHWNRV Update 1.

In June 2021 he made custom Windows XP themes (Lori Theme, Blaze The Cat, Wild West (Plants vs. Zombies 2), Team Sonic, Team Rose, Marine The Raccoon, Shadow The Hedgehog, Plants vs. Zombies, Amy Rose, Lost City (Plants vs. Zombies 2) and E-123 Omega) on Heavy Pilot 2 channel.

In October 3, he temporarily suspended work on OSM for first time, in November 26, he resuming work on OSM for first time, and canceling all seasons of the history and make a list of new WNR histories in the Windows season.


In March 31, he announced Progressbar95 Never Released, Progressbar95 History with Never Released Versions и Progressbar95 History with Windows Sounds in Heavy Pilot Progressbar95 channel.

In April 4, he temporarily suspended work on OSM for second time.

In June 5, 2022 he renamed to Boyfriend (Бойфренд), according to the message of video Double-Cabin Aircraft ZombieOS History Remastered Part 45 and he will be resuming work on OSM for second time, and announced WinSonar History with Never Released Versions Update 1 and SvigSonar History.


In March 1, 2025 he will be renamed to Прекрасная Лола, according to the message of video Windows Sonic Robo Blast 2 History Remastered Part 96.

Movies (only digitally in YouTube)[]

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List of Windows mods[]

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